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10 Reasons to Go On a Yoga Retreat in Tenerife

Updated: Jan 9

You may have an image of the largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife, in your mind as a package holiday, mass tourist, cheap winter sun destination.

And yes, unfortunately, those all-inclusive, fight-for-the-sun lounger hotels still exist on parts of the island.

But there’s another side to the island that’s away from it all, quieter, calmer, and less touristic, which makes for the perfect destination for yoga retreats in Tenerife.

Are you considering going on a yoga retreat in the Canary Islands and want to know more about what makes Tenerife the ideal destination for yoga and hiking?

Read on, dear friend, as we show you that it’s possible to have a less impactful, mindful holiday that supports small, local businesses and leaves no trace. You will return feeling refreshed and rejuvenated rather than stressed and overwhelmed.

Why choose a yoga retreat in Tenerife?

hiking retreat Tenerife

Here are our favourite reasons for choosing Tenerife yoga retreats over any other destination:

1. Year-round great weather ☀️

If you want to escape the colder months in the northern hemisphere, the Canary Islands is the perfect location. With warm weather all year round, it’s the ideal spot for winter sun without needing to fly long-haul.

The proximity to the European mainland means you can be out of the cold and on the beach in a matter of hours.

We also love to swim in the Atlantic Ocean year-round and enjoy the perfect mountain temperatures for hiking.

It never really dips below 15 degrees on the island in winter (January is the coldest month), and it's always much warmer by the coast and in the south of the island.

2. Huge diversity of landscapes ⛰️

hiking retreat Teide Tenerife

From beaches to natural swimming spots, mountains, forests, and Spain’s highest peak - the Teide volcano, the diversity of natural landscapes on the island is incredible.

Imagine looking at a snow-capped volcano while surrounded by palm trees on a beach, it's pretty surreal to say the least!

Whether you want to hike in the ancient cloud forests of Anaga or see what it might be like on the moon in the volcanic landscapes of Teide National Park, the island’s natural diversity won’t disappoint.

You can hike every day of the week and see something new, from the rugged Teno mountains to the lush forested area below the volcano; you can marvel at this beautiful planet we get to call home.

3. Delicious fresh produce 🥑

vegan retreat Tenerife

Thanks to the volcanic soil, things grow here, meaning abundant fresh, locally grown produce.

Did you know there are 11,385 farms in the Canary Islands? One of the most famous crops is the banana plant, but avocados, oranges, passion fruit, papaya, mangos, and lots more delicious fruit and veg grows here due to the balmy climate.

So, if you want to taste an avocado with zero airmiles and straight from the tree, Tenerife is the place for you.

We use fresh, locally produced organic produce at our retreats in Tenerife so that you can experience plant-based food at its best and fruit and veg at its tastiest.

4. Well connected 🛬

If you’re short on time and don’t have weeks to spend exploring your yoga retreat destination and want a short-haul yoga retreat in Europe, Tenerife is a great option. The island is well connected to mainland Europe, with daily flights from most major cities.

There are two airports on the island, the North - which has domestic flights from mainland Spain and the other island, and the South airport, where most international flights arrive. The island is small, which makes it easy to get from A to B.

While we know that flying is not a sustainable way to travel, many people don’t have the time or luxury to travel by land and sea, and sadly, it’s still the cheapest and most convenient option. We encourage you to offset the carbon of flying by planting trees when possible.

We always include an airport transfer in our retreat price to make your journey as easy as possible. The retreat centres we use are both just over an hour away from the airport.

5. Traditional Canarian culture 🇮🇨

Besides beautiful nature, there are plenty of traditional and historical places of interest to visit on the island worth exploring.

Both the retreat centres we chose on the island are near beautiful historic towns and villages where you can see traditional Canarian architecture, taste some delicious local food, or partake in local customs at one of the island’s many celebrations or fiestas.

6. Always close to nature 🌊

yoga retreat Canary Islands

We already touched on the island's diverse landscapes, but if you’re looking to immerse yourself fully in nature, Tenerife is the perfect place to do so.

Whether your idea of tranquillity is lying on a remote beach and dipping your toes in the ocean or climbing a mountain and listening to the sounds of the birds, you are never far from the natural world.

Our retreat centres in Tenerife both have incredible views of the nearby mountains, and we always encourage a daily dose of time spent in nature.

We love to encourage a digital detox while on the retreats too, along with silent walks in nature.

We find that putting your phone on aeroplane mode and stepping into the present moment helps you find peace and tranquillity on your trip. It’s an excellent chance for some self-reflection that we don’t often have time for in our daily lives.

7. Breathtaking hiking trails 🥾

best yoga retreat Tenerife

There are hundreds of hiking trails in Tenerife, and for that reason, we combine our yoga retreats in Tenerife with hiking.

We want you to see the best of the island while you’re here, so we collaborate with registered, professional hiking guides who can safely guide you on the trails.

8. A slower pace of life 🦥

The slower pace of life on the island helps you immediately feel relaxed, calm, balanced, and able to disconnect from your everyday life.

Nobody is in a rush, things get done in their own time, and a daily siesta is highly encouraged. While we have daily schedules for our retreats, we keep them flexible, don’t cram them full of activities, and give you plenty of time to chill out and do your own thing.

9. Near the other Canary Islands 🏝️

If you feel like extending your stay after your retreat in Tenerife, there are six other Canary Islands to visit. Each island is unique and offers something completely different, and the region's diversity makes it so unique!

Whether you want to surf in Gran Canaria, taste wine in Lanzarote, or get away from the world entirely in El Hierro, you can have an unforgettable experience.

10. A chance to reconnect to yourself 🙏

why go on a yoga retreat in Tenerife

While this may not be Tenerife-specific, changing the scenery, going somewhere warm where you can walk barefoot in winter, and being surrounded by inspiring, jaw-dropping landscape vistas is the perfect opportunity for some introspection.

Taking time out to slow down, meditate, journal, recalibrate, and reconnect works wonders for your well-being. You can return to your daily life feeling recharged, full of energy and creativity.

Dreaming of a Tenerife yoga retreat? 💭

We hope you enjoyed our top reasons to go on a yoga retreat in Tenerife; maybe they’ve changed your perspective of the island and what’s possible here.

Our goal is to create mindful experiences for small groups so you can enjoy the peace of the island while connecting with yourself and others.

If you want to join us on one of our upcoming winter Tenerife retreats in 2023, check out what’s upcoming. We’d love to meet you!

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