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Vegan food in Tenerife: 9 Best Vegan Restaurants to Try (completely honest reviews!)

Updated: Jan 9

Did you know there are over 300,000 thousand edible plants on our planet? What does that even mean?

There’s a never-ending combination of delicious and cruelty-free meals you can put on your plate! You could eat a different combo daily for the rest of your life and never get bored of plants.

We love plant-based eating and how good it makes us feel.

plant based yoga retreats Canary islands

Not only is it better for us and the planet, but eating more plants is the only way we can build a sustainable future. There’s a limit to how long we can continue to eat meat at the current rate. If eating habits in the Western population continue with the current upward trend, the human population will be too big to feed itself this way by 2050.

Anyway, we’re not here to preach to you about a vegan diet; we’re not puritanical about it.

But with so many amazing plant-based restaurants in Tenerife opening their doors, we wanted to share some of our favorites with you.

So whether you’re a hard-core vegan or a plant food-curious person who wants to try something different, check out our list of the best vegan restaurants in Tenerife. Many places on this list aren’t fully vegan but have plentiful and delicious vegan options on their menus.

We’ve personally eaten at all the restaurants on this list and paid for the food with our own money; you won’t find any sponsorships or affiliate programs here.

And this is not a post written by someone who asked ChatGPT to regurgitate what’s on Happy Cow. We genuinely love and regularly return to these places, and we have VERY high standards 😂 so you can take our recommendations as honest and heartfelt.

We've tried countless other restaurants in Tenerife with vegan offerings, which didn't cut the mustard, so don't get a spot on our list. If we didn't mention it here, don't waste your time or tastebuds on them. 🙃

Let’s go!

9 Best vegan restaurants in Tenerife (by self-confessed plant-based food snobs!)

healthy food Tenerife

1. Casa Verde, La Orotava

The cutest little eco tienda in the beautiful town of La Orotava, Casa Verde is the go-to vegan place in the north of the island.

Freshly pressed juices, delicious vegan burgers and tostadas, and the most amazing guacamole! Everything is made fresh with organic ingredients, and you can really taste the quality. Not to mention the owners are the kindest people and make you feel at home as soon as you walk through the door.

They also have super tasty coffee and vegan cakes.

2. Lille Cafe, El Medano

In the more touristic town of El Medano, you’ll find another gem of a spot for breakfast, brunch, or lunch. They have freshly pressed juices, delicious bowls, bagels, burgers, and a daily special. The food is always super delicious, and the atmosphere is excellent.

You can get vegan and non-vegan options here, but both are always high-quality and freshly prepared.

Get there early on the weekend; otherwise, you’ll have to queue for a table!

3. Al Almir Lebanese, Puerto de la Cruz

While this is not by any means a vegan restaurant, the wide variety of options available for plant-based eaters is impressive and sooooo yummy.

vegan food Tenerife

Lebanese food lends itself to being very vegan-friendly, and we return to Al-Amir repeatedly. From falafel to fatoush and the tastiest hummus on the island, you will find yourself in a plant-based paradise here. Even the baklava is vegan which is an extra treat!

We’ve never recommended this restaurant to anyone who hasn’t loved it. Which means you should go. Now. 😂

4. Tierra Cafe, Costa Adeje

plant based Tenerife

With a fantastic brunch menu with smoothie bowls, sweet corn fritters, and even a full vegan English (which the Brit in me pretends to hate but secretly loves 😂), you’re spoilt for choice with options here.

You can also order vegetarian dishes, which means most people can find something they’ll love on the menu. Tonnes of great smoothies, juice, and salad options means you can top up your vitamins at Tierra.

But if you have a sweet craving, the vegan sweet options are some of the best on the island.

5. Manipura, Puerto de la Cruz

A fully vegan restaurant that opened in 2023, the menu here is varied and creative. It’s a family-run business (and we love supporting small businesses), and all the pasta is handmade in-house. The truffle tagliatelle and beetroot gnocchi are worth tasting.

vegan food Tenerife

We also love the jackfruit burger with sweet potato fries and the tasty homemade desserts. Your Manipura chakra (the solar plexus in your belly) will be sure to thank you if you visit this spot if you’re in Puerto de la Cruz.

6. Verdularia, Santa Cruz

best vegan restaurant Tenerife

Ealisy one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Tenerife; the menu at Verdularia is constantly changing to keep things fresh. This is great when you’re reasonably limited for quality vegan options on the island!

The service at this place is always exceptional, as is the ambiance; the decor makes it super cozy.

We love how generous the portions are (because life is too short for small portions! And we don’t rate places that offer stingy plates 😉).

There’s always some type of taco on the menu, which never disappoint. Neither do the vegan desserts they come up with 🤤

7. Plantae Gastrobar, La Laguna

This entirely plant-based eatery is exceptional if you’re looking for something more gourmet. The dishes are creative, they use whatever is in season, and the portions are generous.

We love the attention to detail that the chefs at Planate Gastrobar take, and you can taste the exceptional effort that has gone into each dish.

The menu is varied and there are plenty of imaginative starters, mains and desserts to choose from.

8. Capricho Libanes, La Laguna

This place looks like a fast food joint, but it’s an incredible little family-run restaurant with the most delicious food. You can sit outside on the street trying the tastiest hummus, falafel, tabbouleh, and more.

What’s not to love? Check it out if you're looking for tasty vegan food in La Laguna.

9. Mandala de Masca

Ok, so technically, this is not a restaurant but Tenerife's most beautiful yoga retreat centre.

vegan food Tenerife

Why are we including it on our list of the best plant-based food in Tenerife?

Because Mandala de Masca creates the best plant-based food on the island by far. Everything is made with ingredients grown in the on-site organic gardens; the retreat menus are always seasonal, creative, and most importantly, delicious!

The kitchen team makes their own crunchy granola and squeeze fresh juices with fruit straight from the tree; even the almond and hazelnut milk, nut butters, crackers, and bread are homemade. Brunch is always an abundant affair with plenty of choices.

Lunch always includes a healthy and delicious dessert, and dinner is always satisfying and nourishing. We love the food at Masca and can't rate it highly enough!

Want to try it for yourself? Then join us on our September retreat in Masca from the 25th September - 1st October.

That plant life 🌱

best vegan food Canary Islands

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best vegan restaurants in Tenerife and give some of them a try! If you know anywhere we can get vegan food in Tenerife that we missed and is worth a visit, please let us know!

Interested in plant-based cooking? If you want to try making some super simple plant-based recipes yourself, check out the recipes we share on Instagram. We hate faff and only make quick, simple, and tasty food.

Or, if you’d rather someone else cook you the food, join us on one of our upcoming yoga retreats in Tenerife! You’ll eat the most delicious array of plant-based food and never miss meat or dairy; we guarantee it. ❤️

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