Sarah yoga retreat host
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Hey, I'm Sarah 👋🏼


I'm the creator of Wanderlust Yoga Retreats & your retreat host.  

🏔 The idea for hiking and yoga retreats came to me last year in the midst of the pandemic when I was in Europe's strictest lockdown in Spain. 

I knew many people wanted to escape and have some time relaxing in nature reconnecting to healthy practices like yoga. 🌴


I'm excited about spending time outdoors as we enjoy the perfect balance between adventure and relaxation on the retreat.

A bit about me - the first time I ever took a yoga class (about 12 years ago) I was horrified! I thought it just wasn't for me. I loved high-impact sports like running and the calmness of yoga was a struggle for my racing mind.


I persisted, thinking it could maybe help me with focus and the multiple injuries I'd picked up from running like an idiot....

and just like magic, it worked!


So here I am years later teaching the joys yoga and breathing bring to the body, mind and soul.


Although I'm originally from the UK, I've spent the last few years travelling all over the world teaching at hotels and retreats in Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, South Africa, and Spain. 


The time has come for me to put all my learnings and passion into my own retreats.

I love the meditative nature of hiking which is why Wanderlust retreats combine hiking with yoga. Time to be active, reflective, stretchy, all while eating well and having fun! 


I can't wait to see you on the mat :-)

Hi I'm Constanze, 👋🏼

I discovered my love for yoga 6 years ago and have been doing it regularly since then.


I travelled to Indonesia to get my certification as a Yoga Alliance yoga instructor by Santosha Yoga on Nusa Lembongan. 

In 2020 I was able to gather experience teaching yoga in Goa, India at Bhakti Kutir Resort. Before this experience, my yoga practice was more for personal wellbeing.


The great feedback I received for my teaching made me realise I should continue this enriching path. I want to pass on the joy of yoga and the way it makes you feel to the world.

I'm also passionate about combining my yoga practice with regular fasting periods and love to share my extensive knowledge with others. ​I thought I felt good before but yoga combined with fasting made me feel better than I thought possible.

I realized quickly that the correct execution of the Asanas is essential for well-being during yoga and to avoid injury. That is at the core of what I want to pass on through my teaching style.

After India, I moved to Tenerife to teach yoga and the magic of the island captivated me. Sarah and I met through yoga on the island and connected through our passion for yoga, hiking, healthy food and an outdoor lifestyle. 

For me, retreats are the perfect opportunity to share more in-depth knowledge of the practice and to mentor people in a more intensive setting than a weekly class. 


I'm looking forward to practising with you. 

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