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Sarah yoga retreat host
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Hey, I'm Sarah, ♡👋🏼

My yoga journey started like many other Western yogis…looking for a place of calm in my fast-paced, busy, and over-stimulating city lifestyle. While I didn’t really know what I was signing up for during my first yoga class all those years ago, I’m happy that it led me to the place I am now.


I started practicing yoga, thinking the physical postures would somehow heal me and become a cure for my racing mind. And while at first, I was really not convinced that yoga was for me, I persisted as I knew there must be some magic to it. 


Perseverance and persistence led to passion and discipline and took me on my path to completing teacher training courses in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga. Just like that, I became a lifelong student of this transformative ancient practice. 


Over the last decade, my personal yoga practice has become much less about the physical part as I look for slowness and stillness and a more mindful approach to life. I try to bring yogic philosophy into my daily life and find it helps me to live more presently and fully. I love sharing this passion with anyone who wants to listen! 


With thousands of hours of teaching under my belt, sharing the magic of yoga with others never gets old. Seeing the way people transform thanks to their practice is one of the things I love most about sharing it. 


We created Wanderlust Yoga Retreats to give others the space to discover the reinvigorating practices of meditation, breathwork, and yoga while connecting in beautiful surroundings. So let’s slow down, reflect, go inward, but, most importantly, have fun. 


I can’t wait to see you on the mat. 


☼ Hatha ~ Vinyasa ~ Krama Vinyasa 

☾ Yin  ~ Restorative

Hi I'm Constanze, ☼


I discovered my love for yoga many years ago. After I got my certification as a Yoga Alliance instructor in Indonesia, I was able to gather experience teaching yoga in Goa, India at Bhakti Kutir Resort. Before this experience, my yoga practice was more for personal well-being. The great feedback I received for my teaching made me realise I should continue this enriching path. I want to pass on the joy of yoga and the way it makes you feel to the world.

I guess many of you are familiar with this: my journey started with the 3rd limb of Yoga: the postures (asanas). We bring different asanas together into a flow - we call it “yoga” but actually it’s so much more than just the postures. Achieving a steady, comfortable seat for my body and my mind is my journey. 


During my own practice and over 500 teaching hours, I could experience the seat of my psych/ meditation in many different ways on and off the mat. I got my certification as a meditation teacher at the ashram “Yoga Vidya” and focus on integrating the holistic aspect of yoga into my teachings.


So what are you waiting for? Your journey can start now! “The journey is the destination”, as we all know through a saying attributed to Confucius.


Above all, I want yoga to be fun and not taken too seriously. I focus on integrating intuitive, playful movements into the practice, along with the correct execution of the Asanas for our well-being. 

Let’s bring our awareness back to our breathing. Let’s get out of our heads and our thoughts to create more fun and joy in our lives.


For me, retreats are the perfect opportunity to share more in-depth knowledge of the practice and to mentor people in a more intensive setting than a weekly class. 


I'm looking forward to practicing with you!


☾ Hatha ~ Vinyasa ~ Restorative Yoga

♡ Breathwork | Meditation teacher 

☼ Pilates

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