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Finding Balance: Exploring the Unity of Mind, Body, and Soul in Holistic Psychology

You may have heard the term "holistic" thrown around the internet and the wellness industry a lot recently. Have you ever seen a post online and found yourself wondering, "What is holistic psychology?"

Thanks to our lovely guest blogger Julia, you will discover everything you ever wanted to know about the term "holistic psychology."

Julia has her own holistic psychology practice, providing therapy and coaching based on the 3 pillars: mind, body, and soul.

Take it away, Julia!


In our world, where we often focus on just one thing at a time, there's something special about looking at the big picture.

what is holistic psychology

What is holistic psychology?

Holistic psychology is like a guide that helps us see how our minds, bodies, and spirits are all connected.

This way of thinking believes that true happiness and health come from taking care of our whole being.

Let's explore how our thoughts, our bodies, and our deeper selves all play a part in making us feel good.

The Mind: Our Personal Director

Holistic psychology starts by looking at our minds, which are like the directors of our own movies.

It's not just about our brains; it's also about how our thoughts and feelings work together.

Holistic psychology encourages mindfulness, inviting individuals to cultivate awareness of their thoughts and emotions. By doing so, one can embark on a journey of self-discovery, understanding the patterns that shape their reality and fostering a positive and resilient mental landscape.

The Body: A Smart and Wise Friend

Our bodies are more than just homes for our minds; they are smart friends that talk to our feelings and thoughts.

Holistic thinking says that to be healthy overall, we must also look after our bodies. Practices such as yoga and mindful movement highlight the importance of physical health in achieving overall balance.

Nutrition, exercise, and rest are viewed not merely as isolated components but as vital contributors to a harmonious and integrated life.

holistic yoga retreat Spain

The Spirit: Our Inner Spark

Holistic psychology goes beyond what we can touch or see. It talks about our spirits, that spark inside each of us that gives life meaning.

This isn't about religion but about finding a connection to something bigger. Meditation, contemplation, or quiet thinking can help us tap into our spirits, giving us a sense of purpose, peace, and joy.

How They Dance Together

Holistic thinking teaches us to see our minds, bodies, and spirits as a team, not as separate players.

A disturbance in one dimension can ripple through the others, impacting overall well-being.

For example, stress might manifest in physical ailments and emotional unrest. Individuals can embark on a holistic healing journey by recognizing and addressing the interconnectedness.

Holistic Healing

Holistic psychology has different ways to help us keep this balance. Mindfulness exercises, body-focused interventions, and spiritual practices all fit into this approach. These methods help us see and care for ourselves as a whole.

Key Takeaway

Holistic psychology is like a guide that shows us how our minds, bodies, and spirits are connected.

When we take care of all three, we find a kind of balance that makes us feel good overall. It's a journey of discovering more about ourselves and living a life where everything works together.

In this way, we find true happiness and health by taking care of our minds, bodies, and spirits all at once.

Want to Learn More About Holistic Psychology?

From 5-10th March, we will be hosting a yoga retreat in Tenerife with Julia as our co-host.

During the retreat, she will host workshops and sessions based on holistic psychology. Come and join us! Find out more here.

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