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Should I Go On a Yoga Retreat Alone? (& 6 other yoga retreat FAQs)

Updated: Jan 9

Lots of people have been asking questions about our Tenerife yoga retreat, so we thought we'd answer the most common ones for you here! From what languages we speak to what we eat, check out the answers below 👇

1. Should I go on a yoga retreat alone?

Of course, you should! If you haven’t travelled alone before, a yoga retreat is a great chance to spend some time alone and get to know yourself better. With a retreat setting, you have the bonus that you always have the group to talk to when you want to be social.

Most of our guests come to our retreats by themselves and love that it gives them a chance to meet interesting new people who have similar interests.

2. Are Wanderlust yoga retreats in English?

Yes, our retreats are led in English. Our groups are always international, and English is the common language.

Don’t worry if you don’t like speaking English; chances are there will be people on the retreat who speak your native language! You don’t need a certain level of English to participate; there’s no judgment about your language abilities.

Constanze speaks German, Sarah tries her best with it and we both bumble along with Spanish!

3. Can I join a yoga retreat if I’m a yoga beginner?

yoga retreats for beginners

Yes, you can! We have people coming to our retreats who never went to a yoga class but want to discover more. We warmly welcome you if you’re just starting your yoga practice or have never tried yoga before and are curious.

We always tailor our classes during the retreat o multiple levels, and we encourage you to participate in a way that makes you feel comfortable. You can choose to opt out of any class or pose anytime.

We aren’t here to make people uncomfortable with a practice that is out of reach. We’re here to share our love of yoga and help you feel incredible.

During our retreats, we offer an optional yoga foundations workshop so you can learn the basics and start your practice on the right foot! The workshop is also great if you’ve done yoga before but never got taught some basic principles.

4. What is the level of hiking on the retreat?

Yoga and hiking retreats Canary Islands

We recommend you have a base fitness level for our hiking and yoga retreats, but you don’t need to be an expert hiker!

All hikes are optional; our hiking guide will lead you and go at a pace that works for the group. We can always split up into two groups if people have different paces.

The most challenging hike we do is 10 km which takes around 4-5 hours with a 400-500 m elevation gain. The easiest is 4 km which takes 1.5 hours and has 200-300 m elevation.

We always tailor the hiking trails we choose based on the majority of the group’s ability and the weather conditions. The mountains can be unpredictable!

We’ll always let you know the night before about what we plan the next day, so you can decide if you’d like to join.

5. The retreat schedule sounds quite demanding. Will I have time to relax and be by myself?!

Mandala de Masca hiking and yoga retreat

Of course, there’s plenty of time for relaxation on the retreat…it’s one of the main reasons you’re coming after all!

We aren’t fans of forced fun; all activities and yoga classes are optional.

There’s plenty of time on the retreat to chill out, swim, relax, get a massage, take things slow and enjoy the small moments.

6. I’m not vegan; will I like the plant-based food at the retreat?

vegan retreat Canary Islands

If you haven’t followed a plant-based diet before, you may be worried that vegan food is unsatisfying, won’t give you energy and will leave you hungry!

Don’t worry, that won’t happen! We have spent years curating the most nourishing, tasty, wholesome and satisfying vegan dishes. Let us tell you…plants are anything but boring!

Most people who join our retreats have never tried eating fully plant-based before but are keen to try it.

Our aim is to open you up to a world of delicious food made from plants that you never knew existed!

Skipping meat and dairy doesn’t make dishes bland. You may just be surprised about how little you miss these food groups and how great you feel from skipping them 😉

7. What should I bring on a yoga retreat?

This is an active holiday, not a fashion show 😊your priority should be comfy, loose clothes that are easy to move in.

For hiking, you’ll need some sturdy shoes with a good grip and ankle support; hiking boots are best. We also recommend a light rain jacket; you never know which microclimate you’ll encounter in the mountains!

We provide yoga mats and props, so you don’t need to worry about bringing one. But if you prefer to use your own yoga mat, feel free to bring it.

You’ll need swimwear, sunscreen, a hat and a refillable water bottle. Don't worry about towels…we provide those.

A small backpack is useful to carry your lunch, water and an extra layer on hiking days.

Mosquito repellent could be handy, but there isn’t a big problem with mosquitos in Tenerife.

Are you joining us on our next retreat?

From the 25th September - 1st October 2023, we'll host a yoga and hiking retreat in Tenerife. Get more info here!

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