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Why Go On a Yoga Retreat? 9 Reasons to Join a Retreat in 2024

Updated: Jan 9

Are you wondering whether you should go on a yoga retreat in 2024? Have you heard the hype about yoga retreats, seen the posts all over Instagram and listened to your friends talk about the yoga retreats they've been on?

Not sure what a yoga retreat is all about and why you should go on one? Well, you're in the right place!


We are here to reveal the mysteries and secrets about what goes on at a yoga retreat and why it isn’t just an exclusive club for people who love to spend their spare time with a leg behind their head.

Yoga retreats are for EVERYONE, and here are our favourite reasons why.

1. A chance to mix things up

We all get caught up in our routines. Whether it’s with work, family or other responsibilities, we often end up completing our day to day activities on autopilot. When we’re on autopilot, we often aren’t living in the present moment.

Going away and removing yourself from your everyday environment helps you to become more present and more reflective. You gain new perspectives and get the chance to think about how your life is going and what you might like to change.

Best yoga retreat in Tenerife

2. A yoga retreat is a chance to slow down

Most of us are living our lives at 1000km an hour. Full schedules, and masses of commitments in our spare time, all while trying to pay our bills and stay healthy.

Taking some time out from your regular schedule gives you the chance to slow down, take a breath and practice just being rather than doing.

3. An opportunity to connect to mindful practices

Whether you’ve never done a yoga class in your life, or you take a class every week, a yoga retreat is a chance to dive deep into the practice of yoga. You’ll learn rapidly as you practice every day and you’ll pick up things you wouldn’t learn from attending a regular class.

If yoga and meditation interest you but you’ve never had time to try them out, then a yoga retreat can be the perfect place to start with these mindful practices.

Vegan food yoga retreat

4. Nourish your body with delicious, healthy food

Staying healthy, eating well and getting enough rest is no easy feat in our modern lives. Taking the time to eat nutritionally balanced, healthy food is a great way to reset your body and mind.

After a few days of eating well, staying well hydrated, moving your body daily and sleeping well, you’ll feel refreshed and restored. A new version of you is just the other side of a retreat!

5. Connect with like-minded people

It can be a struggle to get friends or family to join you on a trip. They might not have the time off or want to go to the same destination as you. Going away alone can feel daunting and isn’t for everyone.

At a yoga retreat, you get to meet other people with similar interests and mindsets to you. The type of people who come to yoga retreats are usually looking to connect with healthy lifestyle practices, have a sense of adventure and are keen to try something new.

Many of the people who come to our retreats come alone and leave at the end of the week with lifelong connections.

Yoga retreat Masca 2023

6. Connect to nature

Spending time in nature is known to be beneficial for our stress levels and mental health. Wanderlust yoga retreats are intentionally designed to spend as much time in nature as possible.

From yoga outside to multiple chances for a dip in the ocean, we want you to enjoy the abundance of the natural world as much as possible!

We take the time to watch the sunset, breath in the ocean air and appreciate that even though climbing a mountain is hard, the feeling at the top is totally worth it!

7. Build new habits

Sometimes we can lose our way and forget what we value. If you had a new years resolution at the beginning of the year that fell to the wayside come February, now’s the time to reignite it.

A yoga retreat gives you the space and time to think about your goals, how you’d like to achieve them and what habits you’d like to consistently incorporate into your life.

Yoga and hiking retreat Tenerife 2023

8. Learn how to be present

In the words of Eckhart Tolle - “realize deeply that the present moment is all you’ll ever have.” We often lose sight of this idea, and our wandering minds can cause us stress and anxiety.

Thinking about the past and the future too much aren't effective ways to bring peace into our lives. When you attend a yoga retreat, you regularly practice the benefits of being present. You’ll start to notice that fully enjoying the moment makes you feel alive, joyous and grateful for life.

9. Find your balance

Yoga is all about balance after all. Spending time in nature, connecting with yourself and looking after your mind and body can all help with restoring a balance you may have lost!

Our founding principle and reason for existing is to help you feel healthy, happy and strong. You’ll come away from a Wanderlust yoga retreat feeling restored, recharged and like you can do anything.

Why go on a yoga retreat?

Did we give you the answer to your "why go on a yoga retreat" question? We sure hope so! Did we miss any of the reasons to go on a yoga retreat in this post? If so, please share your thoughts in the comments. We love hearing from our community.

Join us at Wanderlust Yoga Retreats!

We welcome people from all around the world to our yoga retreats in Tenerife and beyond.

Whatever your experience in yoga and meditation, we'd love you to join us. We want to share our passion for yoga, how it’s helped us in our own lives and how magical this ancient practice is.

We hope to see you on the mat at one of our upcoming retreats!

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